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Majharul Haque Khan

Research Associate

PhD in Materials: University of Wollongong


Chao Han
Research Associate

PhD in Materials: University of Wollongong, Australia


Dai Yan

Bachelor: China University of Mining and Technology 

Master: Beijing University of Chemical Technology 

PhD topic: Liquid-phase hydrogen storage mateirlas

Rui Han

Bachelor: Zhejiang University

PhD topic: CVD growth of h-BN nano sheets

Xuefei Wang

Bachelor & Master: Southwest Jiaotong University

PhD topic: 2D Boron nanosheets

Minghong Huang

Bachelor & Master: South China University of Technology

PhD topic: Novel B-containg compounds for catalysis


Jiashu Wang 

Bachelor: Lanzhou University 

PhD Topic: Co2 reduction

Guojin (Kevin) Zhang

Bachelor: China Agricultural University

Master: University of Wollongong

PhD Topic: Novel B, N compounds for hydrogen stroage


Zhimei Xu

Bachelor & Honours: UTS

PhD Topic: Novel B-containing  nano materials


Stella Zhang

Bachelor:  Shenyang University of Chemical Technology 

Masters: University of Sydney

PhD Topic: Novel B-containing  nano materials

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Nemat Ullah 

Bachelor:  NFC Institute of Engineering and Technology

PhD Topic: Techno-economic analysis of hydrogen carriers

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John Arnold Ambay

Bachelor:  UTS

PhD Topic: Nano Boron synthesis and applications

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James Cashel

Bachelor:  UTS

Topic: Boron containing H-rich molecules


Alumni (name & affiliation)

  • Dr. Spencer Porter  (Postdoc, Rutgers University, now at Globalfoundries)

  • Michelle McCray (Research Scientist, Rio Tinto)

  • Dr. Yi Sing Gee (Postdoc, Monash)

  • Dr. Daniel Morrison (DataPharm Australia)

  • Dr. Majhar Khan (Postdoc, EPFL: Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne, now back home)

  • Dr. Feng Xiao (Central South University)

  • Dr. Weidong Chen (Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences)

  • Dr. Ying Wang (Jiangsu Normal University)

  • Dr. Juner Chen (Westlake University)

  • Prof. Baofeng Wang (Shanghai University of Electric Power)